Northern Ireland fee increase proposal

The Northern Ireland Department of Justice has been urged to ‘rethink’ proposals that would significantly increase firearms licensing fees. An individual certificate would rise from £50 to £100, and a dealer’s certificate would rise from £150 to £300, though the

10_Lochindorb Estate - grouse moore copy

Good grouse forecasts

The Sporting Lets agency has predicted that this year’s grouse shooting season could be ‘as good if not better’ than last year’s. Head of the firm Robert Rattray said, “We had an interesting winter; the high grouse moors experienced more

Winner Ashley Cooper with the Duke of Westminster and Jake Fiennes, farm manager at Raveningham, where the award ceremony took place

FWAG ‘Silver Lapwing’ Award Presented

The Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group has awarded the Silver Lapwing Award to Ashley Cooper of HP Cooper (Farms) Ltd, from Essex. The award recognises an outstanding, demonstrable commitment to good environmental practices in farming. Charles Beaumont, a judge on

Scottish airgun bill introduced

A bill has been introduced in Scotland to license all airguns, a decision which has been branded ‘a costly and bureaucratic mistake’. BASC Scotland, the country’s largest shooting organisation, has condemned the system, which will cover an estimated half a


Re-wilding Woes

Tim Bonner explains that, while the re-wilding theory has its good points, taking it to its conclusion is both impractical and potentially problematic   The debate surrounding re-wilding in Britain has been growing for some time now. As a result,

The Shooting Show

Public perception

Editor in chief Pete Carr looks at the YouTube phenomenon, and the responsibility of posting ethical shooting content on line.   You might remember internet TV wildlife presenter Melissa Bachman – who presents American hunting show Winchester Deadly Passion – posted

The composition of the metal fragments contained Niobium – an element not contained in any known ammunition or shot

Behind the headlines

When the ‘Bowland Betty’ autopsy report was released for analysis, Tim Bonner says there were elements that deserved further scrutiny There is nothing worse than a wild animal with a name. Remember the nonsense talked about an Exmoor red deer

As venison prices rise, so does poaching, and the  consequent threat to deer. Be vigilant

The real crime is, they’re getting away with it

Editor-in-chief Peter Carr blasts poachers of all persuasions – and says a co-ordinated fight back is required to make the authorities sit up and take notice How many cases of deer poaching would you guess are reported each year? Would


Sugar beet fields can make excellent alternative drives, especially if fed a little wheat and driven in sections

Beet and Geese

Glynn Evans looks at the benefits farm crops can bring to both released and wild game, and the drives and flights that can result    For many pheasant shoots a reasonable amount of woodland is usually a prerequisite, but in

Warring factions: The RSPB reported the North West Raptor Group for disturbing a peregrine nest, though relations have been less than cordial for a while

Bird Botherers

Predator wonders why it’s ok for some people to disturb nesting birds of prey, regardless of the consequences   The eco-zealots are forever telling us to leave nature alone. It will find its own balance they say, pointing out in

It is important to collect and dispose of dead rodents as soon as possible to prevent the poison passing into the food chain

Another man’s poison

Poison is an important element of rodent control, but be careful how you use it, says John Bryan   Keeping on top of the rat population is an essential part of vermin control, and we all know how quickly they

Cut heather on a brisk management scheme can offer good, productive regrowth

Cut to the heart of the matter

Patrick Laurie examines the advantages of heather cutting, and its varied applications in moorland management and conservation projects   Burning heather is an iconic management technique, but it can also be politically loaded. Regardless of the benefits and sustainability of


A radiograph of the pelvis and hip joint in a young dog shows hip dysplasia – the femoral head is rotated outwards

Dysplasia and dislocations

Hip conditions can be common in working breeds – Amira Nasim-Hopfer explains how to spot and manage some of the problems your dog might encounter   The canine hip, which is also known as the coxofemoral joint, is a ball

Dogs may continue to want to work even with a sore mouth – look for dropped retrivals or holding on one side of the mouth to indicate a problem

Tooth troubles

Dental care is vital for a healthy dog, says Amira Nasim-Hopfer, and problems aren’t always immediately apparent   Not many people enjoy going to the dentist, but we all know how painful a bad tooth can be. This article will

Sarcina’s cube-like shape led to the belief that it was crystalline in nature

Present-shaped presence

My latest clinical contribution this season is a look at what may be an emerging disease. It follows the identification of a bacteria found in the gut of game birds, which has not been recognised or described accurately in the

A dog looking depressed, dehydrated and in discomfort can often be the first signs

Canine Pyometra

This article will look at a disease called pyometra, which stems from the Greek meaning “pus in the uterus”. It is a chronic inflammatory disease with an acute manifestation seen predominantly in entire older bitches. Synonyms include purulent endometritis, purulent

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