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Missing crime figures skew airgun licensing debate

Tomorrow (23 April) MSPs will decide whether to proceed with plans to license airguns in Scotland – but missing crime statistics will mean their decision will be based on incomplete evidence. The 2014 annual Scottish Government report on firearms offences has

The hot hare debate

Mountain hare has been a controversial topic in the press this week, with wildlife charities calling on the Scottish government to impose a three-year cull ban on the species. Gamekeepers have called this proposal “environmentally irresponsible”. The charities, including the

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Natural England – BASC partnership

BASC and Natural England have signed a partnership agreement recognising the importance of shooting’s conservation contribution. The partnership aims to enable an annual action plan to develop solutions and work towards common goals, including the implementation of the government’s Biodiveristy


Tug-o-war for SGA

Taking place at the GWCT Scottish Game Fair at Scone Palace on July 3 this summer, the Scottish Gamekeepers’ Association are recruiting strong candidates to join their tug-o-war team. Following last year’s victory over the Factor’s team at the game



The thought police are watching

Post a picture of young shots on Facebook and you could be in deep trouble, warns Predator. We all know the importance of encouraging the next generation into our sport. What parent doesn’t take pride in seeing their youngster dressed


Machinery and Muirburning

When maintaining heather at altitude, the machinery you can get up there can often be a determining factor in selecting your methods, explains Davy Thomas. “Scaramouche, Scaramouche, will you do the Fandango?” Freddie Mercury’s immortal voice boomed through the speakers


When wildfire strikes

Wildfire can be a big problem in moorland areas – Patrick Laurie of the Heather Trust explains knowledgeable management and a quick response are vital for controlling the risk. It seems like wildfires have become an annual fixture for the


More than money

Glynn Evans looks at the ways you can evaluate the success of a shoot’s season, and all the factors that contribute to it being a success. I came to BASC to take on a role promoting shooting and gamekeeping, but


Polaris Ranger Diesel

On-test off-road

Chris Parkin tests out the Polaris Ranger Diesel, to find out how it copes on the roads and dealing with some forestry operations. When choosing a vehicle to get people, tools, equipment, and sometimes livestock around the sporting estate, once


BASC Gamekeepers’ Fair

Glynn Evans uses the spring Gamekeepers’ Fair to take stock of his preparations for the season, and reflects on what different keepers will be up to at this time of year. As a young keeper, one of the highlights of

This high fox den is estimated to be at around 2,700 feet up.

Old dens, new tricks

Davy Thomas says that, when it comes to keeping on top of a fox population, old knowledge and modern technology can make the difference. It was with great concern that we all looked at each other as my friend, a

It’s important to know who exactly is a gamekeeper’s employer, as it could be
the landowner or shoot operator, if they are different people.

Working relations

The working relationship between a gamekeeper and employer is more regulated than ever, but David Barrington Barnes says it can be to the keeper’s benefit. A longstanding gamekeeper friend of mine does not always want to admit to being a


A female adult flea under the microscope. Note the eggs seen inside the flea.

Fighting off fleas

Fleas are a common problem for dog owners, and timing is essential to get them under control says Amira Nasim-Hopfer. Flea infestations are a common and annoying problem that can often affect our canine companions as well as the home


Think Five

When it comes to bird welfare, Alan Pearson says it’s essential to maintain good standards, but the ‘Think Five’ principle makes it easy to cover all the bases. For some time I have been meaning to discuss bird welfare, which

This animal has had to be
anaesthetised to stop a prolonged seizure.

When seizures strike

It can be alarming to see a dog have a fit, but Amira Nasim-Hopfer says that the condition is often quite manageable. This month I want to talk a little about epilepsy, a condition that can also affect our four-legged


Lest We Forget

Alan Pearson finds the history of the pheasant in the British Isles might go further back than you think – and how it came to such prominence as sporting quarry. Shooting is a subject that we don’t always consider, we

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