“The future of gamekeeping in Scotland”

Trainee and professional gamekeepers gathered from across Scotland to attend BASC‘s Scotland Gamekeeper’s Day on March 18 at Scone Palace. Along with employed professional keepers, the event welcomed a number of gamekeeping students, inviting them to take part in talks

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New white papers on shooting and conservation

Two new white papers on the subjects of shooting in landscape-scale management and grouse moor management have been published, offering policy recommendations. The independent research was undertaken by BASC, who published a paper last year, entitled ‘The Value of Shooting‘. Whereas that publication

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Airgun licensing challenged

BASC has challenged a report supporting the legislation of airgun licensing in Scotland. Despite hearing evidence that the Bill will do little to deal with the problem of criminal misuse of airguns, it has already seen support. Regardless of the fact that

The winning team with the Gamekeeping College Challenge Shield.

BASC’s Gamekeeping College shoot goes off with a bang

23 teams competed in BASC’s annual Gamekeeping College clay shoot, battling it out until only the team from Hartpury College remained.   The Gloucestershire-based college team took first place,  besting 22 other teams from 11 colleges around the country. Second



The thought police are watching

Post a picture of young shots on Facebook and you could be in deep trouble, warns Predator. We all know the importance of encouraging the next generation into our sport. What parent doesn’t take pride in seeing their youngster dressed


Machinery and Muirburning

When maintaining heather at altitude, the machinery you can get up there can often be a determining factor in selecting your methods, explains Davy Thomas. “Scaramouche, Scaramouche, will you do the Fandango?” Freddie Mercury’s immortal voice boomed through the speakers


When wildfire strikes

Wildfire can be a big problem in moorland areas – Patrick Laurie of the Heather Trust explains knowledgeable management and a quick response are vital for controlling the risk. It seems like wildfires have become an annual fixture for the


More than money

Glynn Evans looks at the ways you can evaluate the success of a shoot’s season, and all the factors that contribute to it being a success. I came to BASC to take on a role promoting shooting and gamekeeping, but



Langholm Update Amendment

Further to the article published in Modern Gamekeeping March, we would like to amend the third image caption. We would like to retract the statement that the grouse population at Langholm has been ‘reintroduced’. We apologise for the inconvenience caused to


More information about our aluminium phosphide article

Further to the information available in the article published in the January issue of Modern Gamekeeping, the Royal Society for Public Health would like to remind readers that the RSPH Level 2 qualification is also endorsed by the BPCA, and that


Evidence of unfitness

David Barrington Barnes looks at new guidance to police on firearms and shotgun certificates that deal with understanding what makes a person unfit to hold firearms. Readers may or may not be aware that the police bible in firearms law

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All change at the advisory service

The advisory service at the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust has a new head of department. Dr Roger Draycott explains what it can provide for keepers. Following the retirement of Ian Lindsay at the end of 2013, Dr Roger Draycott



Lest We Forget

Alan Pearson finds the history of the pheasant in the British Isles might go further back than you think – and how it came to such prominence as sporting quarry. Shooting is a subject that we don’t always consider, we

The dog from figure one was not impressed by the buster collar! A drain was placed in a wound to allow fluid to drain.

Working with wounds

Working dogs can easily pick up cuts and scrapes in the field, and Amira Nasim-Hopfer details how to manage the types of wound your dog might encounter. A common skin laceration can often look dramatic, but if presented within the

8: Iris pigmentation as seen in a cat (note the difference in the shape of the pupil) – iris cysts can look very similar

The eyes have it

A working dog needs good eyesight – Amira Nasim-Hopfer looks at some of the common problems dogs can encounter with their sight   This feature will discuss some of the common eye diseases seen in dogs. It is important to be familiar

A radiograph of the pelvis and hip joint in a young dog shows hip dysplasia – the femoral head is rotated outwards

Dysplasia and dislocations

Hip conditions can be common in working breeds – Amira Nasim-Hopfer explains how to spot and manage some of the problems your dog might encounter   The canine hip, which is also known as the coxofemoral joint, is a ball

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