Gamekeeping students fundraiser – still time to enter!

Student gamekeepers are now able to raise funds for charity, as well as build organisation and team-working skills, thanks to the launch of the Gamekeeping Students Fundraising Project. Set up and structured by the Gamekeepers’ Welfare Trust, the criteria for

Fairgame joins EJ Churchill

EJ Churchill has acquired sporting agency Fairgame. The international sporting agency can offer worldwide hunting experiences, was founded by Sean Scott in 1986, and is based in southern England. Sean will be joining EJ Churchill to help grow the sporting agency

Photo: Greg7

Merlins thriving on keepered moorland

The Moorland Association has recently released research that shows gains in the merlin population on heather moorland that is managed for red grouse in England. Penny Anderson Associates, consultant ecologists, used British Trust for Ornithology Atlas data to highlight the

SGA urges members to help clamp down on wildlife crime

The Scottish Gamekeepers’ Association has urged anyone with information regarding five dead kites and one dead buzzard that were found in March in the Conon Bridge/ Muir of Ord area in Ross-shire, to contact Police Scotland. SGA Chairman Alex Hogg


The composition of the metal fragments contained Niobium – an element not contained in any known ammunition or shot

Behind the headlines

When the ‘Bowland Betty’ autopsy report was released for analysis, Tim Bonner says there were elements that deserved further scrutiny There is nothing worse than a wild animal with a name. Remember the nonsense talked about an Exmoor red deer

As venison prices rise, so does poaching, and the  consequent threat to deer. Be vigilant

The real crime is, they’re getting away with it

Editor-in-chief Peter Carr blasts poachers of all persuasions – and says a co-ordinated fight back is required to make the authorities sit up and take notice How many cases of deer poaching would you guess are reported each year? Would

Whether taking care of some problem pigeons or for taking on a keeper’s day, a shotgun is an essential tool of the gamekeeper’s trade

Sensitive Information

There are few things most Modern Gamekeeping readers value more than their firearms certificate and shotgun licence. Of course, in mixed company, we will put wives, girlfriends and offspring higher on the list, but there are few things that bring

The remains of a campsite that was left for a gamekeeper to deal with

Spreading the word

A number of chance encounters these past few months has seriously strained my policy of live and let live towards the non-shooting general public. I have often crowed about educating the mostly conservation-ignorant populace of the benefits that the countryside receives


It is important to collect and dispose of dead rodents as soon as possible to prevent the poison passing into the food chain

Another man’s poison

Poison is an important element of rodent control, but be careful how you use it, says John Bryan   Keeping on top of the rat population is an essential part of vermin control, and we all know how quickly they

Cut heather on a brisk management scheme can offer good, productive regrowth

Cut to the heart of the matter

Patrick Laurie examines the advantages of heather cutting, and its varied applications in moorland management and conservation projects   Burning heather is an iconic management technique, but it can also be politically loaded. Regardless of the benefits and sustainability of

Flight ponds don’t have to be large to be a valuable addition, and they can make good use of otherwise unproductive ground

Flights of fancy

Have you considered adding a flight pond to your shoot? Glynn Evans explains how you can get started, and the value they can bring to a shoot   Ponds come in all shapes and sizes. Whether it’s a larger pool,

Poaching is a rural crime priority, and Project Trespass aims to combat it through working with landowners, farmers, and gamekeepers

Project Trespass

A new initiative to tackle poaching was launched on October 1 2013 by the Poaching Priority Delivery Group. Helena Douglas explains how Project Trespass will work   The Poaching Priority Delivery Group, set up in 2008, comprises police representatives, the


Dogs may continue to want to work even with a sore mouth – look for dropped retrivals or holding on one side of the mouth to indicate a problem

Tooth troubles

Dental care is vital for a healthy dog, says Amira Nasim-Hopfer, and problems aren’t always immediately apparent   Not many people enjoy going to the dentist, but we all know how painful a bad tooth can be. This article will

Sarcina’s cube-like shape led to the belief that it was crystalline in nature

Present-shaped presence

My latest clinical contribution this season is a look at what may be an emerging disease. It follows the identification of a bacteria found in the gut of game birds, which has not been recognised or described accurately in the

A dog looking depressed, dehydrated and in discomfort can often be the first signs

Canine Pyometra

This article will look at a disease called pyometra, which stems from the Greek meaning “pus in the uterus”. It is a chronic inflammatory disease with an acute manifestation seen predominantly in entire older bitches. Synonyms include purulent endometritis, purulent

If your birds are unwell, providing additional shade or shelter from the wind can make them more comfortable

Those Dreaded Protozoans

… and other things. Vet Alan Pearson looks at the difficulty of diagnosis and treatment, and a new discovery linked to game bird health

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