Think of the bees’ needs

Bees and butterflies are on the decline but there’s something to be done about it – devote twice as much uncultivated land to pollinators on farmland. A five-year study carried out by entomologists from the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust


Game shooting infographic from BASC

BASC has released another infographic on the value of shooting – this time to highlight the benefits of game shooting. The infographic reveals that around 430,000 people shoot game and up to 97 per cent of shot game goes into the

Still PM: one of the only party leaders to fully support shooting sports, David Cameron will be serving another term at Number 10.

Will new Tory government support shooters?

Following the announcement of a Conservative majority with 327 seats just minutes ago, David Cameron will be returning to No.10 – but what does that mean for the rural voter? David Cameron has been very vocal about his support of shooting

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Arktis for all

Outdoor clothing supplier, Arktis, has relaunched its ‘Outdoor’ clothing line for everyday consumers. The company are well-known for supplying durable kit for tactical professions for over thirty years, including the armed forces, police force, coast guard and emergency response teams,



The thought police are watching

Post a picture of young shots on Facebook and you could be in deep trouble, warns Predator. We all know the importance of encouraging the next generation into our sport. What parent doesn’t take pride in seeing their youngster dressed


Machinery and Muirburning

When maintaining heather at altitude, the machinery you can get up there can often be a determining factor in selecting your methods, explains Davy Thomas. “Scaramouche, Scaramouche, will you do the Fandango?” Freddie Mercury’s immortal voice boomed through the speakers


When wildfire strikes

Wildfire can be a big problem in moorland areas – Patrick Laurie of the Heather Trust explains knowledgeable management and a quick response are vital for controlling the risk. It seems like wildfires have become an annual fixture for the


More than money

Glynn Evans looks at the ways you can evaluate the success of a shoot’s season, and all the factors that contribute to it being a success. I came to BASC to take on a role promoting shooting and gamekeeping, but


The annual Game Fair is probably what the CLA is best known for, but a lot goes on behind the scenes.

Countryside champion

As the membership organisation for owners of land, property and businesses in rural England and Wales, the CLA has many responsibilities. Helena Douglas looks into what the organisation does. Stating that it speaks for everyone who believes in a living

You can plot your gun lines, beater paths, access and boundaries on the maps; the only limit is your imagination.

Record your sport

Ian Danby, head of biodiversity projects at BASC, explains how the Green Shots Mapping programme provides evidence to underline our conservation credentials and offers some tips for getting the most from it. By the time you read this, over a

The Sako Quad Hunter comes with four rimfire barrel options.

Four for all

Mike Powell tests out a switch-barrel rifle from Sako that offers shooters four calibres. The concept of having interchangeable (or switch) barrels on a rifle is nothing new, but rifles incorporating this system almost always came from Austria or Germany,


There’s something eating my fish

John Bryan looks at the most common predators of valuable fish stocks, and what can be done about them. We quite often get a phone call or email along the lines of “There’s something eating my fish! What is it?


: Having trained staff ensures they are able to keep up standards should the head keeper be away for whatever reason.

Think Five – Part 2

Game bird vet Alan Pearson has the second part of his discussions on bird welfare, outlining the importance of knowledge and training. If you missed out on Part 1, why not read up and join us back here?  I make no apologies

A female adult flea under the microscope. Note the eggs seen inside the flea.

Fighting off fleas

Fleas are a common problem for dog owners, and timing is essential to get them under control says Amira Nasim-Hopfer. Flea infestations are a common and annoying problem that can often affect our canine companions as well as the home


Think Five

When it comes to bird welfare, Alan Pearson says it’s essential to maintain good standards, but the ‘Think Five’ principle makes it easy to cover all the bases. For some time I have been meaning to discuss bird welfare, which

This animal has had to be
anaesthetised to stop a prolonged seizure.

When seizures strike

It can be alarming to see a dog have a fit, but Amira Nasim-Hopfer says that the condition is often quite manageable. This month I want to talk a little about epilepsy, a condition that can also affect our four-legged

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